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Surf Spots

If you’re wondering what are the best spots to surf in Morocco, you’ll find all the information you need concerning the best Morocco surf spots, where are the best surf schools in the country and how much renting surf equipment will cost. The Atlantic coastline of Morocco is fantastic for surfing and most beaches are easily accessed either by public transport or with your own vehicle.


There is not just one surf Surf Spot in Imsouane town but two amazing surfing beaches: Cathedral and The Bay, offering one of the most incredible exposure of the north-west African coast.

Level: Any level

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

60 min drive


Tamri is a beach break, suitable for all levels. When it's flat everywhere else and is a pretty good sandy beach break works from low to high tides.

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

40 min drive


Anchor Point is the holy grail of surfing in Morocco. If you get the point on a big day with a nice little offshore you are going to be getting some big take offs and nice walls.

Level: Confirmed

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

3 min drive / 15 min walk


Surf Town morocco offers many possible surfing experiences for beginners, experienced, advanced surfer, young or old. Discover surfing in the South of Morocco safely with our qualified surf instructors.

Level: Intermediate to confirmed.

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

10 min drive


Small triangular reef that captures the swell well but does not hold the size.

Level: Intermediate to confirmed.

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

5 min drive | 20 min walk

Hash Point & Panorama's

Panorama is a point break that stats right by the south end of the village of taghazout and breaks for over 500m on the good days.

Level: Beginner until confirmed

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

3 Min walk


to improve your skills with supervision and guidance of a qualified surf instructor or Visit exceptional sites
Around 14 kilometres to the north of Agadir and a couple to the south of Taghazout is the small village of Tamraght. It

Level: Beginner with small conditions and confirmed when it becomes serious

Tide: beginners and advanced

10 min drive


killer point is one taghazout's main piont breaks. It is surprising that it's not already listed. It is 1 km north of Anckers..

Level: Confirmed.

Tide: beginners and advanced

8 min drive